Steampunk / Deiselpunk / Fallout / Fully customizable Hammershot !! LED lite...powered off a USB Cable !!


$ 79.99


Fully customizable with any style of paint job you desire. It can be done in Steampunk / Dieselpunk / Dreadpunk / Post Apocalyptic / Alien or Futureistic... You decide !!!

The LEDs can be in any color or combination you desire as I carry most colors.

And best of all !!! NO keeping up with tiny batteries !!! Just plug the USB cable into almost any battery backup and it will run for an entire 5 day convention without the need to recharge !!!

Many of the newer battery backups also have more than one USB plug, so you could power more than one gun, a gun and a gauntlet, a gun and a chest piece or power your gun and charge your phone at the same time !!!

I will be offering this model with or without a battery backup. If you do order it with the battery backup I will also include a pouch to hold it in the style that you want...

Also all of my standard holsters will fit this gun without modification... Which means if you have already purchased one of my holsters this gun will fit perfectly...

I can also perform this modification on any nerf blaster, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have a particular model you want this modification done to !!!

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